0.1. From the basics to business tops - effective strategies

0.2. To learn from the experience of others

0.3. Create an account for a business profile

0.4. Design is the first stumbling block

0.5. Generosity is the guarantee of success

0.6. Get creative

0.7. Broaden your audience

0.8. Be grateful

0.9. Focus on the important things

0.10. Video is a priority

0.11. An outside perspective

0.12. Alternative project

0.13. Unique features are not mistakes

0.14. Not losing the intensity

0.15. Schedule your time, because it brings money

0.16. Visualization rule

0.17. Aesthetics of taste, or three tips for an esthete

0.18. Audience interaction

0.19. Location matters

0.20. Someone else's content for the benefit of yourself

0.21. Earn income

0.22. Everything is fair

0.23. Third party things

0.24. Logic is ahead of everything else

0.25. Artificial methods

0.26. Conclusion.

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms of our time, which, in addition to all the advantages, gives you the opportunity to make real money. There are lots of different ways to promote Instagram in a short time and to maximize the effectiveness of your account. So why isn’t everyone successful? The answer is simple – some people do not even realize that they will have to make a little effort. Others do it fundamentally wrong, wasting time and effort.

You will find only useful tips with instructions for implementation in this article. Acting according to both simple and completely free methods, you will become an Instagram favorite in the very near future.

ТОП 50 советов по раскрутке своего Инстаграм аккаунта

From the basics to business tops - effective strategies

Instagram is a multi-million platform actively used by users of various ages and interests. More than 40 million registrations are recorded monthly only in Russia, according to statistics. It is logical that such a resource has become a popular commercial tool. In addition to giant entrepreneurs and media personalities, Instagram is also used by small businesses. The following staff strives to promote their own business:

  • makeup artists;
  • hairdressers;
  • car services;
  • cosmetologists;
  • manicurist;
  • artists;
  • photographers;
  • writers;
  • clothing designers and others.

Regardless of what you advertise - a product, service, book, nails, your own brand, promoting a store, or other people's accounts, one thing is important - what resources you use. The first and main rule is to implement any tool competently.

It makes no sense to dwell on the quality of the profile filling. All modern users have long accepted this rule as an axiom. However, cute children's drawings, photos of animals, exquisite dishes, colorful locations, charming beaches do not save the day. You will have to use small tricks to promote things in order to increase sales and attract a large number of possible customers without investment.

С азов до вершины Олимпа – результативные стратегии Evil_Mart

Use some effective recommendations to promote your Instagram account

To learn from the experience of others

Progressive users know that the number of subscribers becomes less and less relevant against the background of activity. The reason for this is the "intelligent/smart" algorithms that analyze exactly the actions on the Web, and not the page volume, as a result of which most of the posts are not viewed or liked. This is due to ignorance combined with users' vanity. Many people skip the rules (cheating), which turns all subscribers into “dead souls” in an effort to gain the maximum number of followers. All this is a "harmful" and interfering asset that has nothing to do with marketing and only hindering the development of your account. Especially for those who acted without understanding the system, relying on luck.

Historically, Instagram has become one of the few platforms fighting for justice (hard work and no fraud). Thanks to enhanced protection and improved algorithms, the majority of previously popular accounts have problems with their own.

So, think if you need to promote Instagram artificially or not. Moreover, ways like those should are paid.

Try to achieve everything by yourself and honestly if you want to get an effective commercial profile. It will allow you to sustain the result for a long time.

Учиться на чужих ошибках Evil_Mart

Create an account for a business profile

Starting to improve Instagram from scratch, register it correctly. Specify the type of profile - business. Then follow a simple algorithm:

  • Select "Settings" - "Account";
  • Select "Switch to Professional Account";
  • Decide on the mission (the "author" is relevant to promote a personal product like videos, books, photos);
  • Provide target audience from a wide range of suggested options;
  • At the final stage, describe your profile.

Choose "Business" if you register a public company, salon, and any other legal entity. Link both Instagram and Facebook pages. Be sure to check the communication way (contact details). Linking will be useful for advertising or cross-posting. Statistics will be available, but you will not be able to use the Ads Manager tool without it. Instagram offers to link the pages in the settings - select a required point, and then the platform from the list.

Calibration of auxiliary parameters will not be superfluous. For example, both activating and deactivating comments.

Design is the first stumbling block

The profile, of course, should be beautiful and interesting, and universal, at the same time, that everyone decided to subscribe to it. It doesn’t mean narrow-profile pages. But there are exceptions in this situation. Women can be interested in man’s goods and vice versa (gifts, common business).

One more answer to the question of how to develop Instagram is to design it correctly. Important recommendations:

  • Provide useful information. It should be capacious - a short description, course of action, a unique selling proposition (USP). What the clients can be interested in.
  • Don't overdo it with hashtags and emojis. They must be but at reasonable times.
  • Don't forget about the number of characters. 150 pcs are maximum.
  • Use a special UTM tag to track traffic. More accurate data from Google Analytics can be obtained using a redirect.
  • The links to the site should be active not only in the description, in Shopping Tags and Stories - allow third-party resources and additional integrations. They are like alternative business cards.
  • Also, it is possible to connect CRM and many convenient options - tracking web statistics "Yandex.Metrica" or Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, pop-up, online consultant, timer for promotions, and more.

The beauty of account affects the intensity of promotion. Make an attractive avatar given its small size and shape. The image should have high quality, clear and informative.

Pay attention to the logic, the comparability of the profile name and the picture. If a well-known brand can afford any freedom (for example, Latin with Winnie the Pooh picture, can be considered like a witty quip). But you, as a starting entrepreneur, should not do things like this. Unreasonable combinations, as a rule, look ridiculous and unpresentable.

Оформление – первый камень преткновения Evil_Mart

Make a general concept. The design integrity and its color palette will emphasize your identity and sense of taste, which plays a significant role in promoting your account.

Generosity is the guarantee of success

Don't be cheap for likes, don't ignore like-minded people. Checkouts and comments are the easiest and most effective ways to get attention. The unspoken law of mass-like ‘’Like for Like’’ comes into force in this situation.

Get creative

Host the conditional contest. Start with something small. Post something and ask users for their opinion. Everyone who decides to like it will be able to take part in the competition. Terms and incentive prize is up to you.

Make rich storyline of individual photos. Stories about the freelance life of a team, the specifics of creating a product, for example, are especially popular.

Broaden your audience

Mass following is a quick way to attract prospective clients and increase the number of followers. First of all, you should focus on finding people with similar interests. Thus, the chance of getting a mutual subscription increases significantly.

Be grateful

Do not remain indifferent to the life of your "followers". Feedback helps you to allow communication links with existing subscribers. They, in turn, appreciating this, share a positive experience with "friends", which also increases interest in the landing page. The so-called “word of mouth” continues to be the most effective marketing tool.

Focus on the important things

Don't miss out on the important part as Stories, the eyes are on it. It is quite difficult to create a furor among millions of such posts. Many use fake shocking information, but it does not always on top. And if you manage to take trendy positions, then the mass of new subscribers is guaranteed to you.

But careful with the falsifying of facts! You may be disappointed and taken for a crook.

Video is a priority

Video is more viral material, unlike photographic one. It is more difficult to shoot and post high-quality video content. However, according to statistics, it is commented more actively. And updated Instagram algorithms "love" the high performance of the engaged audience, generously endowing the user with the indulgence.

An outside perspective

Analyze the interests of the public. Introduce new ideas in accordance with the topic of the page.


  • Discuss your product with the subscribers. Post step-by-step instructions and help with using. Describe key benefits, show your existing regalia, and share new achievements such as receiving awards, marks and etc.
  • Fill the entertaining and informational posts with humor (casual moments of work processes are always in trend), discuss relevant topics, popularize your own philosophy, etc.
  • Share the charity and involve your audience by example.
  • Do not forget about congratulations on any significant events and small victories that can be shared with the subscribers, assuring that it is their great credit.

Live competent content allows you to get many likes with great regularity. Most of them come from new subscribers. Make a clear and detailed content plan when wondering how to develop Instagram in the future.

Взгляд со стороны Evil_Mart

Alternative project

You should work to subsequent actions for a certain period of time after determining the direction. Strictly follow the chosen course and do not lose your enthusiasm in order to get a popular profile. Tips:

  • sketch out the general structure of the account;
  • create individual categories highlighting individual sections;
  • a structured page with a conditional list of posts will help you to prepare material for posting in advance;
  • analyze the reach, impressions, and engagement to focus on what is the most relevant thing.
  • consult with the audience.

And remember: you need to hashtag correctly. The most popular and liked # in the search falls to low positions quickly. Many posts resemble "pure" spam to users, which scares off potential subscribers.

Unique features are not mistakes

Deliberately made misprints look random. However, some of them are incredibly attractive and delight users. Well-thought-out mistakes can be the highlight of your content. Since it is almost impossible to promote Instagram on one advertisement, try to use Odvertising instead of Advertising or replace the existing annoying Product with Proudct, also you can use Moneis instead of Money. Everything depends on your imagination, use it. Not all "nonsense" will become trends, but one of them can be.

Not losing the intensity

Try not to reduce the activity too fast when you maintain the page. Or do not start very fast at an early stage. Stability is much more appreciated by modern users and it prevents ‘’audience burnout’’. In this case, you have to balance. Some posts that appear before the planned ones are very encouraging, while others, on the contrary, cause negativity, like delayed ones.

Schedule your time, because it brings money

Schedule posts and experiment to find the optimal interval between them. Calculate the posting time in the same way. Don’t be like the others by posting when no one does it (conduct analytics).

Рассчитывайте время, ведь оно приносит деньги Evil_Mart

Visualization rule

Most people write a lot about a product to promote it, and it is not a mistake. The only misconception is that priority should be given to photographic and video material. The consumer “loves” to watch, everything else is just an addition. Focus on both the quality and capacity of the image, then the text will be wanted to be read.

Aesthetics of taste, or three tips for an esthete

Corporate identity is not only about watermarks and logos. Recognition is formed conceptually. Since Instagram can be improved, in fact, only visually, play this game great.

A uniform style is one of the most important elements of promotion. Some people use the “language of colors” to influence the subconscious placing a premium on blue, pastel, or variegated colors. The main idea is to sell not just a product, service, or your own philosophy, but also to sell stylistic. It will help you to build and reinforce the audience's understanding of the content.

Focus on the needs of the end-user. But remember, not only trends and classics drive promotion. Trash and humor, in optimal amount, of course, is also a great tool in the right hands.

Эстетика вкуса, или три совета для эстета Evil_Mart

The topic evokes particular kinds of emotions and it forms mood. The audience will associate it directly with you. Some topics inspire and call upon for action – they energize you. Others make you think about “high” and educate. Some topics more only entertain, loading off your shoulders. Choose yours!

Do not worry users with a ‘’sudden’’ redesign. As a rule, it causes negative emotions. The exception is long-term activity and the change of large corporations main course. In rare cases, it can work in your favor, but it should be done carefully, for example, gradually changing the design step by step. Or you need to make a loud statement, but it is required to justify the decision in practice - ask the public for advice, conduct promotions or giveaway, - it means that you justify your decision by involving subscribers in the process.

Audience interaction

Don't be limited to Instagram. Motivate your followers to find you on other social networks by providing links. It can be similar or completely other direction. The main thing is that each account is functional and interesting. It doesn’t matter how many links you provide, but don't overdo it.

Взаимодействие с аудиторией Evil_Mart

Location matters

It is important and useful for the customers to indicate the location where the photo was taken. Your subscribers will definitely want to go there and share their own experiences.

Местоположение имеет значение Evil_Mart

Someone else's content for the benefit of yourself

Actively repost popular photos and videos, including your followers'. But not everything! "Filter" the information. Otherwise, you will be considered stupid and unreliable.

Earn income

You can think about making money after determining the course how to promote Instagram. And you need to connect targeted advertising to start selling and earning income.


  • in Instagram, open “Settings” and go to the “Payments”;
  • select "Profile";
  • indicate the appropriate payment method (manual or automatic);

Indicate all required categories in your Facebook account, in the Ads Manage settings. There are a lot of them. The main thing is to indicate the audience correctly.

Подключаем доходность Evil_Mart

Everything is fair

AiTarget is a great Instagram partner and tool. It allows you to identify the target audience by additional parameters very concisely – interests, marital status, specialty, etc. Thus, you can both advertise Instagram and create an effective marketing product.

Third party things

Mutual PR is effective advertising. The main thing for you is to find a reliable partner or a whole group of like-minded people. The scheme is quite simple - you provide an advertising post or story with a tag to another account, which, in turn, responds in kind.

Advice - choose the people you can trust. Deal is not a deal in the modern world. Don't look for honesty and rely on your partner's conscience. Solve all issues "from the get go", otherwise there is a risk to go down together.

Logic is ahead of everything else

Choosing a ‘’corporate ambassador’’, focus on the similarity of interests. A slim model or millionaire's wife shouldn’t advertise industrial machines or power tools. It looks ridiculous and funny. Promotion of such advertising is impossible.

Логика превыше всего Evil_Mart

Artificial methods

The Internet is full of programs and applications that can help you to increase the subscribers. To put more emphasis on the resources like those is impractical and even dangerous. As mentioned earlier, Instagram's analytics and security algorithms are much more efficient. You risk to be banned irrevocably. Raising a "dead account" and fixing "mistakes of youth" is incredibly difficult. Often it is not without the investment. And, in most cases, it's much more easier to start over. But is it really worth it?


Keeping an Instagram account is not an easy task, that require literacy, responsibility and time. However, the end fully justifies the means with the right attitude and a well thought out strategy.

If you do not know how to promote your Instagram, hire the services of professionals. The Evil-Mart portal will save both your money and time. All you need to do is to follow up on the project, take an active part, be innovative, reap benefits from the tedious work that is done for you.

The team of IT specialists, marketers and designers will help you to promote and develop any of your ideas, ideally balancing on the edge of affordable and secure things. It is easy to create, convenient to keep the social network account and to increase profits easy with Evil-Mart services. Tens of thousands of users have already assessed the performance of the company. Join you too! Do not share someone else's success, get to your own business tops!