1. Should know before you delete the VK account

2. On PC

3. Delete the VK account using the App

4. Delete your VKontakte page forever and completely

5. Delete the account if you forgot your password or have no access to the VK page

6. The simplicity of genius

Delete your VK account. The Guideline.

VKontakte is one of the most popular multimillion-users social networks. There are as many reasons to install/uninstall the VK App as there are users. The purpose is absolutely unimportant. The main thing you should know about VK is you can't delete the account using the App (it doesn't matter if you have Android or iPhone). It is the feature of the version released in the second half of 2020. Surely, this feature is actual for all the subsequent App versions. And the algorithm has been updated. But first things first.

Should know before you delete the VK account

Social media stores lots of personal information. Therefore, if you do not want to lose something important, save the data. Surely, you will not be able to save all the info. If you exclude music and videos, important for you data may be:

  • correspondence/messages (not later than 6 months);
  • reposts and marks (links are in the copy of your VK data);
  • presents;
  • profile information;
  • actions data (payments, BANs, etc.);
  • photos.
  • open the "Settings";
  • select "go to VK Connect";
  • "Security and Login";
  • "Delete VK Connect account" at the bottom of the page.

As for the last point, you will receive all the materials in the HTML format (links). The images are stored on the VK server for 210 days. This period is provided for account recovery. It will not be possible to download the images after the account is deleted.


  • download all the media files manually;
  • you can view friends' pages only if they are not closed to unregistered users;
  • all the marks you made after deleting the VK profile are saved with the personal name.

Rename the profile (change the full name to fictitious) if it matters for you. The conversion is done automatically.

You need to send a request to save the data and then you'll get the archive. Go to the "Help" tab. Then select the "Questions" section and find the necessary one - "How do I get a copy of my VK data?”

Just follow the instructions of the service. Several hours are required to get the archive. You can find it in the VK messages.

Delete your VK account


If all the important data is saved/loaded/copied, proceed to the main thing.

A step-by-step guide to remove the VK account on PC:

  • Open the "Settings" tab (see the previous image).
  • Scroll down the page to "You can delete your account here".
  • Click on the link and choose the reason why you decided to delete your page.
  • "Delete account".

Delete account

If you want to with your friends about it, choose the appropriate point. The profile will be deleted. This algorithm is very simple.

Delete account

There is another way to delete the profile. It is more simplified and takes only a few seconds. You should:

  • open the "Settings";
  • select "go to VK Connect";
  • "Security and Login";
  • "Delete VK Connect account" at the bottom of the page.

Delete VK Connect account

This is a more "complex" way. All the data will be deleted. The recovery period is the same (210 days).

Delete the VK account using the App

As we told you before, it is impossible to do delete the account using the App. But, there is always another way. The OS (Operating System) doesn't matter. The actions are the same for both iOS and Android:

  • Go to your smartphone browser(Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.).
  • Go to your VK profile. Log in (if it was not done before)
  • Go to the "More" section (three horizontal stripes). Please pay attention, it is the VK mobile version (in the browser).

VK profile

  • Go to the "Settings" section (the icon like a gear).

VK profile

  • Go to "VK Connect Management".
  • Go to "Security and Login".
  • Click on the "Delete the account" link.

Confirm the choice. All the data will be deleted.

Delete your VKontakte page forever and completely

Many users ask this question. The most common reason is, unfortunately, cybercrime. But is not possible to delete your VK account forever and completely. This is prohibited by law. The data storage is at least 6 months according to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the backup will be still available. This is a kind of protection. And all the other actions are considered as unauthorized.

Think twice if you need to download different "crackers" before resorting to radical methods.

The page will be inactive after it is deleted. It remains only to wait for the end of the recovery period (210 days). Just don't use the account and it will be deleted forever and completely.

The only exception is the user's death. If you want to protect the data from hacking. If necessary, you can contact the support and explain the situation. Then you will receive detailed instructions or the additional information request.

Delete the account if you forgot your password or have no access to the VK page

If you do not need the blocked profile in the future, apply to the support. Go to the "Help" section (as described earlier) and select any item. Then click on the "Ask a question" point.

Ask a question

The request title should be “Delete the old page”. Indicate the reason - "no need to restore", "please help with removal", for example, or something else.

Delete the old page

Fill out the required forms. You will receive detailed instructions or a request to clarify some info. Follow all the points and your page will be deleted.

If you wish, you can first restore the profile and then delete it. Useful information is in the "Help" section. Even if you have forgotten all the data and the linked phone number is no longer active, there are several ways.

The simplicity of genius

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