1. What does the promotion of subscribers give?

2. Several free and effective ways to increase subscribers

2.1. Overflow of traffic

2.2. Regular participation in challenges

2.3. Collaborations

3. Paid ways with minimal costs

3.1. How TikTok subscriber boosting programs work in 2021

3.2. Mass Following - Features and Benefits

3.3. Advertising with bloggers and exchanges

4. TOP popular services for TikTok promotion

4.1. Official service (free)





4.6. TikBoost

4.7. TikFame Free Tiktok Followers Likes & FYP Booster

4.8. TikStore Views - Views & Followers & Likes

5. The main mistakes when cheating subscribers and how to avoid them.

6. In conclusion

The ways to increase the quantity of TikTok subscribers

TikTok is a platform for posting and viewing short videos. Its popularity has exploded in record time since its inception. The service is used all over the world, by people of different statuses, ages, and generations. Many people ask the question of how to increase the quantity of TikTok subscribers. You will find out the main reason for striving to get as many loyal followers as possible in this article, as well as all kinds of ways to increase their number - from the fastest way to the most competent and safe ones.

Tik Tok

What does the promotion of subscribers give?

TikTok is a service for the implementation of the most daring and sometimes even eccentric ideas. The platform does not limit the flight of imagination and allows you to express yourself. Creative videos are gaining views quickly, and the most active ones “fly” into trends - TOP. Interest from the public is equivalent not only to views but also to the number of subscribers. This is how the profile becomes popular. Trending videos attract a wide variety of audiences, including potential customers, depending on the thematic focus of the activity. The users involved tend to go to main (commercial) accounts or get in touch directly with collaboration offers.

In addition, the quickly growing number of subscribers increases the number of views of all posted material. This, in turn, contributes to the growth of the subscribers. Everything is linked to popularity and trends. A kind of vicious circle. But this is a fairly simple system that works very effectively. That is, the higher the activity on the channel, the more profitable offers will come.

However, it also happens that the original attractive videos do not gain views at all. In such cases, it is possible and sometimes even necessary to use various methods of artificial cheating. We will try to reveal the most effective and safe options. We will give competent recommendations on how to increase the number of TikTok subscribers quickly, inexpensively, and without any risks. We will advise who and where to contact if necessary.


Several free and effective ways to increase subscribers

You should start with the simple, actionable methods available to aspiring TikTokers. You can do everything yourself. Common techniques are:

  • traffic "flow" from accounts of other platforms;
  • participation in challenges (for example, extreme ones);
  • useful collaborations.

These options are similar to Instagram promotion. Let's consider each of them in detail to understand the processes and functionality.

Overflow of traffic

First of all, it is necessary to increase personal activity - to post stories, posts, photos, videos, etc. on target platforms. "Sluggish" non-initiative profiles instantly lose the interest of the audience, which simply does not stay on them.

Note! Almost all TikTok subscribers are phenomenally active in comparison with other followers. They are generous with likes and comments. Therefore, such a method as traffic "flow" can work in "both directions", that is, to promote accounts on other sites.

Steps should be done:

  1. Link the account from which users will be redirected. To do this, go to the "Me" section in TikTok, then "Change profile", then "Add a link to ..." and select the required platform.
  2. Account tik tok

  3. Indicate all requested data in the page description. Focus attention on your additional profiles (a direct link is possible).
  4. Create intrigue. For example - "to be continued on TikTok" or "the end is ...", "what was not included in the release ...", "how it was ...", etc. Many people are annoyed by this. But this technique works - it has been proven. But don't overdo it! Everything should be in moderation.
  5. Conduct live broadcasts, contests in real-time. "Like for a subscription" and others. Be sure to announce events, specify what, where, and when will happen. This move will allow you to regularly redirect the public to the desired resource - there / back, increasing the activity of all your accs.

An active TikTok profile is also an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Using the competition as an example, do something non-trivial and ask subscribers to repeat and place their works under your video.

And of course, assign a reward for that.

Another good example is an advertisement for a restaurant chain. It offered for each video sent (to everyone who posted) a portion of the "dish of the day." As a result, their sales have tripled. Come up with your solution and go for it. This guarantees you subscriptions.

 tik tok

Regular participation in challenges

This is a separate massively used direction for attracting and recruiting traffic. By analogy with the previously considered point, do something extraordinary (preferably moderately extreme) and ask everyone interested to repeat. In addition, video challenges can be uploaded to popular tracks, which also increases the number of likes and subscriptions.


It is more and more difficult to surprise with single videos, even the most enchanting ones. Collaboration is much more efficient at gaining views. At the same time, subscriptions increase on all profiles - for each participant. In addition, the collaborations can diversify content, increase interest in all subsequent and existing material.

Danya Milokhin and Nikolay Baskov

Paid ways with minimal costs

Often, even for small investments, the promotion of TikTok subscriptions is carried out many times faster and more efficiently. The use of various applications and third-party software is especially popular.

How TikTok subscriber boosting programs work in 2021

Services artificially increase activity on your account. Not all apps work the same way. Pay attention to important things:

  • shareware resources;
  • the overwhelming majority of bots;
  • non-target audience.

Study the developers' suggestions carefully. Some may include free features, for example, up to a certain number of subscriptions or for a certain period (grace period), etc. Read the promotion and guarantees in advance. And remember! It is recommended to do such acts periodically (not too often) and "by parts" in small volumes.

Important! Some unscrupulous software developers deliberately limit unpaid time limits. Users "squeeze" everything possible from this period, which leads to fatal consequences to save money. It's probably not worth talking about the methods of modern platform security systems. Everyone knows the consequences of unauthorized actions.

Don't be fooled by empty promises! Study the application you are using and implement it wisely before you artificially add TikTok subscribers.

Mass Following - Features and Benefits

The using special software or applications. The programs are based on finding a target audience (usually competitors) and mass subscriptions to followers of other profiles with similar topics. This move is quite effective. However, there is a nuance as with any other method. In particular, the very bots that the software cannot filter out. And that means you subscribe to those who will never subscribe to you and will not show any activity.

Advertising with bloggers and exchanges

This is the safest and most effective option, even though it is the most expensive of the presented ones. It all depends on the popularity of the blogger (by analogy with the collaboration) and the rating of the exchange. At the same time, you are guaranteed to get a live audience, getting even more subscriptions.

Advertising with bloggers and exchanges

Note! Not so long ago, the platform has its own Tik Tok Ads advertising cabinet. The page provides an opportunity to create your own marketing company. The settings for modern platforms are similar. In the appropriate section, you can specify both the target audience and other goals. This new tool will attract not only subscribers but also potential clients/employers.

TOP popular services for TikTok promotion

This rating contains the most common software and applications available, both for free and for money. This TOP is based on the subjective opinion of users and is provided as an example.

Official service (free)

The service offers to go through a simple registration and indicate the goals pursued. You can view the history of finances, withdraw funds, analyze activity, etc in your account. A fairly simple option, although it does not give any guarantees.

Account tik tok

Almost parity with the previous platform, providing paid and shareware services, comprehensive promotion in a variety of social networks, and the opportunity to earn money. The main goal indicated on the site is to make advertising as interesting as possible, to increase the profile rating, and achieve its popularity. The advantage of the software is its versatility - a large number of tools designed for certain sites.


The key difference from the above services is the complete automation of processes with the possibility of free promotion on TikTok (including in manual mode with full control of actions). Bonuses and special privileges can be earned by completing simple tasks provided by the site.

This is a free service that provides convenient communication between TikTok users and allows you to establish profitable commercial relationships. Advertising, promotion, collaboration, search for a sales channel, etc., which is much more useful in comparison with analogs.

It offers to evaluate innovative solutions used for effective promotion in any social network. The secret of success and methods of achievement are not disclosed. The only thing that the developers clarify is the speed, quality, reliability, and availability, guaranteed to each client, regardless of the complexity of the tasks and the purpose of the appeal.


Free application for portable and mobile devices. Available for download via Play Market and App Store. It allows you to increase profile activity and the number of subscribers. It's also easy to get Tik Fame on Tik with TikTracker.


TikFame Free Tiktok Followers Likes & FYP Booster

A free application with the same capabilities, tools, and properties as the previous ones. The main difference is complete confidentiality and improved protection of personal data. Lack of intrusive updates and ads.

TikStore Views - Views & Followers & Likes

Free application with advanced functionality. This software comprehensively boosts activity, likes, and subscriptions. Enhanced system security is provided. The software does not ask for a username and password of the account. At the same time, it has a simplified interface, a high level of security and efficiency without auxiliary options, and unnecessary functional resources that overload devices.

The main mistakes when cheating subscribers and how to avoid them.

You should always be careful. Especially when it comes to the question of how to artificially increase TikTok subscribers. No activity comes from the so-called "dead souls" in your profile (bots and non-existent accounts). That is, the video that you post is watched only by real units. And this, as a rule, is 3-7% of all available subscribers. TikTok's software algorithm considers such materials as uninteresting. This means they will never get into recommendations and trends.

shadowban tik tok

This is the golden rule - don't neglect it!

Strictly adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. Moderation and discretion. You shouldn't use several programs and platforms at the same time.
  2. Progressiveness. Do not perform all the manipulations in one day/hour, but for weeks or even months. Excessive harsh activity is immediately identified by the security services, and the profile will be BANNED.
  3. Live account. Interact with followers, show interest, update content, surprise, and do whatever it takes to grab your audience's attention.
  4. Filling. Don't miss the little things and details. Show scrupulousness and pedantry, it will be noticeable, believe me. Update your avatar, add links, relinks, etc.

Interacting with such profiles is always more interesting. Users see this and sincerely appreciate it, do not hesitate. Don't know how to get TikTok followers, ran out of resources, hit a wall and can't find your way further, lost inspiration, or can't get off the ground? Or you just start from scratch and find it difficult to start. In such cases, you need professional help.

In conclusion

Errors are often not recognized by users. They grow like a "snowball". Subsequently, one has to urgently get rid of massively wound subscriptions. Any professional manager will tell you this. Such accounts have to be completely "recreated" or even created from scratch.

It is logical the price of services increases. But without this, it is simply impossible to remedy the situation. Do not rely on your strength. The subtleties and nuances of the promotion of modern social media networks are not so easy to comprehend. If you want to save money and achieve popularity, contact Evil Mart. Follow the link to the official website. Here you can check the prices, ready-made projects, reviews, as well as consult with experts for free and apply.

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Terms and cost of services are calculated personally, according to the complexity and specifics of the work. A team of real experts with talents in web design and programming to do everything for you at once, using a creative approach and a great arsenal of knowledge. Both optimized programs and experienced professionals will work on your projects. They will competently select solutions, implement applications and software for specific goals. This will save you time and guarantee the quality of the result.