1. Preparing the channel for promotion - learning the facts

1.1. Analysis of competitors, choice of direction, search for original ideas.

1.2. Studying the interests of the audience, creating useful content

2. Getting Started: Choosing a Theme and Customizing a Channel

2.1. Connecting the Yandex.Metrics and RSS feeds

3. Working on the channel - the main stages of promotion

3.1. Increase Karma

3.2. Regular publications

3.3. Catchy headlines

3.4. Post design

3.5. SEO Optimization

4. Content distribution - how it works and how it is used

4.1. Re-linking posts

4.2. Reposts in social networks

4.3. Mutual Posts

4.4. Widgets

5. Advertising traffic - cost, features, benefits

6. Yandex Zen: the advantages of using a platform for business

7. Conclusion

Guide to promote Yandex Zen

Yandex Zen is a popular platform for storing the content of any orientation and subject matter. The feed shall be recommendatory. And the algorithm of work is recognized by users as one of the most honest "understanding you". Additionally, you can earn money on publications. If you do not know how to promote Yandex Zen, set up a monetization channel, or where to start, read this material. In addition, there is a lot of useful and interesting information with basic nuances and aspects for business.

Yandex Zen

Preparing the channel for promotion - learning the facts

Interesting! According to the company's top officials, after the latest updates, starting publications in Yandex Zen will be processed within 3-20 days. Therefore, you will not see them in the recommendations.

On the one hand, such a move allows you to very accurately form a target audience according to your interests. But on the other hand, it is minus 20 days ...? This is strange. Such a colossal spread in time surprises and confuses users for trivial analysis and search.

However, there are several objective reasons for this. It's worth starting with the fact that you need competent promotion in Yandex Zen, which allows you to achieve success, regardless of the content topic, be it lifestyle or specialized topics. But before giving advice, you should outline the nuances of the platform itself.

Zen is:

  • Yandex home page;
  • Free filling of traffic;
  • A unique non-analogous resource with an impressively accurate grouping of users by interests;
  • The possibility of increasing sales.

The feed is formed based on many factors - each reader's preferences for grouping, the activity (frequency) of visiting certain pages, likes, location, time zone, etc.

Yandex Zen itself does not bring much money, even to top blogs. First of all, it is a resource for popularizing your “brand” and attracting potential customers. For example, a feed of LCD reviews with a properly implemented SEO core is indexed by search engines, and the texts fall into the first positions in the SERP. For example, they contain the contact information of an expert. People get in touch, get advice and buy real estate they are interested in. This is one of the basic principles of Yandex Zen.

Note! The competition on Yandex Zen among newcomers has increased at a record pace over the past six months. The growth of users amounted to hundreds of thousands. Therefore, today the concept of "quick start" is rather an exception than a rule. Yandex Zen is not a "sprint race, but a marathon." It is much easier to get monetization on it in comparison with the same “YouTube”. But to get real earnings, you will have to work long and hard, from several months to six months. And you need to be ready for this.

Analysis of competitors, choice of direction, search for original ideas.

Studying channels with related topics helps you choose the right course and prevent mistakes. First, an assessment is made of the volume of the audience in the niche, trends, the level of competition, strengths, and weaknesses of existing content. You can find information through Google search or Yandex one. Enter "Yandex Zen + your ideas" in the line. You should analyze the first positions in the search results.

Similar actions can be done in the Yandex Zen search:

  1. Go to the Yandex Zen platform “All channels'' section.

  2. Yandex Zen platform
  3. Enter a subject in the search line and go to the "Show all results" tab.

  4. Show all results

  5. Next "Interests" to view posts on demand.
  6.  posts

You should pay attention to the lifetime of the channel, the frequency of publications, the formats involved, the topics of posts and videos, the number of subscribers, the average duration of viewing and reading.

Studying the interests of the audience, creating useful content

Yandex Zen publishes unique material. But original doesn't mean interesting. It is required to provide readers with useful information, solving their main problems to attract many of them. For example, if you are specialized in canning, advise where to buy the freshest vegetables, how to find fragrant spices, where to get high-quality beautiful practical jars and lids.

Surely, you will have to carry out comprehensive monitoring, which takes a lot of time and requires effort before promoting the Yandex Zen channel. But eventually, you get a ready-made content plan for months ahead and, accordingly, a detailed project that will work.

Getting Started: Choosing a Theme and Customizing a Channel

Everything must be done sequentially. There are subtleties and pitfalls even in such a seemingly simple question of how to create a Yandex Zen channel. A step-by-step detailed guide for registration and settings will allow you to avoid fatal errors.

Additionally, you will find out which directions are the most profitable and popular. You can use proven ideas by making your adjustments or go from the opposite, creating something completely new, original.

  1. First, you should take the optimal pace and do everything according to it. It is necessary to prepare material for publication in advance. On average 2 texts and 1 video per day. You should have the necessary quantity of them at least a week in advance. This will create stability on the channel or increase activity more intensively.
  2. It is better to unify login and email. This is a trifle, but it plays one of the key roles in the development process.
  3. The registration process itself is quite simple. Create a Yandex email. This data will be used to enter Zen.

  4. registration
  5. There are two ways to create a channel. The first is the simplest:
  6. a) Search "become a Zen blogger." in the Yandex

    become a Zen blogger
    become a Zen blogger

    b) Then follow the first link in the search results.

    Start a blog

    c) Follow the simple login instructions after "Start a blog ...", and you will be automatically transferred to your profile.

  7. Second option:
  8. a) Go to Yandex.
    b) Go to Zen.

    Yandex Zen

    c) Select the "About Service", "Login" or "Registration" sections.

    About Service

    d) Then, the steps are by analogy with the first option. You can proceed to the settings after authentication.


  9. The first step is to install the channel logo (cover), add its competent description, connect a metric, put all links to all your social networks and channels of other platforms. You can also change the photo and name, customize private messages, set age restrictions, etc.
  10.  install the channel logo

The most important! Write only facts, present information clearly, concisely, and succinctly (4-6 sentences) when describing a channel. Be sure to use keywords (popular), according to the selected topic. You can analyze them using the Yandex selection of words service. But do not take exclusively head queries. It is better to focus on medium-frequency queries. This allows search engines to work more adequately when analyzing your content and put publications to the first places in the search results.

Also, pay attention to one more thing! You shouldn't rush to provide links to all your resources. It is better to link to groups and channels.

Connecting the Yandex.Metrics and RSS feeds

This is the complete statistics of the channel (in the graphs) - how many people visit and age of visitors, interests, etc. The only question is how expedient it is to put these counters “at the beginning of the journey”. At first, it makes no sense to monitor the data. Many users analyze each posted material. You don't need to do this! The start is not the development yet.

Competent advancement in Yandex Zen, as mentioned earlier, is a sequential, painstaking, and step-by-step process that depends, for the most part, on the existing algorithms and rules.

The code is activated in the following way:

  • go to Yandex and search “Yandex metric”;
  • follow the first link;

Yandex metric

  • then "on";

Yandex metric

  • then «connect»;
Yandex metric

  • then «add counter»;
add counter
  • enter all the requested data in the appropriate fields (Name - any, Address in Zen - registered in the settings, copy and paste it, email - your Yandex one, as a rule, is displayed automatically, everything else is optional);
  • and put a tick in the boxes "Agreements" and "Create counter";


  • now you can copy the code and use additional settings for the metric, including the display method and much more;


  • to start, the basic parameters are enough, just go to the bottom of the page and click "Start using";

Start using

  • you are taken to the statistics section automatically.


For further work, copy the new counter number (see the image, the last combination of 8 numbers), go to your channel, and paste it into the appropriate field. You can order metric settings through the official Yandex resource, if necessary. But it does not give you special privileges.


As the channel develops, you will be able to check all the statistics and analyze any information you are interested in.

Yandex MetricSettings

Working on the channel - the main stages of promotion

The development process consists of several important aspects - an increase in Karma, regular publications, catchy headlines, post design, SEO optimization. These simple manipulations are performed after preparing the channel and before promoting the blog on Yandex Zen. Let's consider all of them.

Increase Karma

Relatively speaking, this is a Yandex Zen tool that assesses the quality of content by five positions. They are:

  • the originality of all material (text, photo, video);
  • relevance;
  • audience engagement;
  • development;
  • influence.

Each point is equivalent to a maximum of 20 points, giving a total amount of 100. Karma has no direct impact on content. But users who get 70+ points get bonus impressions. They can be used for additional publications and promotion.

Regular publications

This point has already been mentioned earlier. You need to take a moderately intense pace and maintain it to work effectively on Yandex Zen. The platform's algorithms are very fond of the stability of publications. However, the main thing is the quality of the material.

Catchy headlines

This is the basis for any kind of activity in this field. With interesting titles, you will increase your CTR, increase the number of views, readings, and total activity time.

There are several criteria for a catchy headline according to the analytics of the resource:

  • brevity, uniqueness, specificity;
  • the benefit to the reader;
  • reference point to the target audience;
  • emphasis on personal experience;
  • attracting attention (curiosity).

The bottom line is that Yandex Zen, like alternative platforms, is like entertaining. They visit it to relax and learn something new and interesting. Therefore, boring titles from textbooks will not attract anyone, even if you have educational content. Think over everything to the smallest detail and be guided by trends.

Post design

Thanks to simplified algorithms, the publication does not take much time. It is recommended to structure the printed material using headings of the second and third levels (H2 and H3), lists, images. Be sure to include cover and annotation - title, description, and tags.

SEO Optimization

Yandex Zen materials are perfectly indexed by search engines. A properly formed and implemented SEO core allows you to increase the position of your publications in the search results. You can select keywords in Yandex.Wordstat. This will help you optimize the information for your search.

An additional opportunity for promotion is RSS feeds, a kind of short announcement (annotations). This resource is relevant for those who have their website (news, updating, commercial, informational, etc.). The main rules are uniqueness, coincidence with headlines and current events (provided in the main material), having your audience. Link the site to a channel and wait for moderation. Then you can create and upload RSS feeds

You can also make contact with readers, motivating them to click on the links provided. It is necessary to organically fit these promises, unobtrusively, but with a slight intrigue.

Content distribution - how it works and how it is used

The essence of this technique is to distribute content to other sites where your audience is present. The strategy consists of several things - linking posts, reposts in social networks, mutual posting, widgets. Even the most interesting topical material will not be able to find its reader without competent distribution.

Re-linking posts

You can post links in the texts to other materials published on Zen or other platforms. It works incredibly simple. The main thing is to choose a similar topic. For example, you are writing about the preservation of eggplants and you have a video or article about their types and methods of processing. In such cases, linking can be done. But if you have an automotive topic, then information about fertilizers will not be linked in any way.

Reposts in social networks

An article preview with annotation posted on third-party sites is guaranteed to increase views. This is because social media is one of the most extensive sources of target audiences. And catchy intriguing announcements are an effective way to attract.

Mutual Posts

Joint efforts are always more effective than efforts alone. You can create some kind of collaboration with users of Zen and/or other services. Find content with similar directions, negotiate mutually beneficial cooperation with their owners, exchange useful links. This technique is useful not only for ''overflowing'' the audience but also for growth.


You can add an "element" or a Yandex Zen feed on your profile or your partner's one. For example, under the description of the video, directly in the text, at the beginning, or the end of the article. It works on the principle of traffic flow in both directions, increasing impressions on the new channel. Provided that widgets are used on a more promoted and popular account.


Advertising traffic - cost, features, benefits

Important! All companies are paid. The price of the first replenishment is 75,000 rubles (excluding VAT). Information is taken from the official website.

Not many users-beginners can afford such an investment. And no one will give you guarantees of payback. Remember, advertising in Yandex Zen will be advisable only if you have used all kinds of promotion methods, gained a good audience, and analyzed the statistics.

Important recommendations:

  • when connecting, specify as much information as possible - fill in the sections: “Articles: outreach” and “involvement”, “Video: external referrals”, “views”, “outreach”;
  • set all the requested parameters of the target audience;
  • choose the material that received the most impressions and the highest CTR in your feed;
  • indicate the name of the company and the start date;
  • set the cost of additional actions - readings, transitions, limits, etc.

Note! Zen recommends using 3-5 covers and headings for every post you plan to promote. Thus, a working version is selected.

You can calculate the company and enter all the data on the official Zen website.

Advertising traffic

Remember to save your settings. You can also download the company in Excel format.

Create a company

Yandex Zen: the advantages of using a platform for business

As the saying goes, "All is fair in war." It is not only possible but also necessary to use available marketing tools to promote an idea. Yandex Zen is considered one of the most promising platforms for the promotion. Organic traffic is suitable for those who are ready to play a long game - regularly post interesting live content. Advertising is a solution for those who are used to speeding up events.

The main advantage of Zen is you don't have to set up and filter your audience for hours and then wait months for the result. The platform's algorithms will automatically group users according to their interests, and you don't have to use auxiliary tools such as parsing. The speed of withdrawal for monetization provided that all the rules are observed, on this resource is a record in comparison with analogs.

The business benefits can also be added:

  • free use;
  • saving time;
  • huge outreach;
  • the possibility of collaboration;
  • affiliate programs;
  • popularization of the brand (recognition);
  • presentation of new products and much more.

First of all, Yandex Zen is a unique opportunity for self-expression and implementation of the most extraordinary projects.


Users-beginners should learn the only truth - self-promotion even on the simplest intelligent platform takes a lot of time, requires strength, and does not exclude fatal mistakes. It is much more rational to trust professionals. You can contact the experts by the link on the Evil Mart official website. A creative team with a great knowledge base and experience will solve any problems with promotion on all kinds of platforms. Projects are carried out as soon as possible according to the complexity and scope of work, based on which the cost of services is calculated. At the same time, the quality of the result is always guaranteed.