1. By email or phone if you do not remember your login or password

2. Instructions to get back deleted account

3. Recover the account without the phone or email

4. Useful instructions and recommendations

The lack of access to Odnoklassniki (OK) social network is caused due to many reasons - clearing the cache, reinstalling software, changing the device, hacking, blocking, long-term non-demand, and others. How to get back it quickly and for free, how to recover Odnoklassniki after deleting the account and without data? You will learn it from this article. All the existing methods are legitimate - choose the appropriate one.

By email or phone if you do not remember your login or password

This way is considered to be the simplest and most common. All you need to do before restoring the Odnoklassniki account is to open the login panel (the main page of the OK website), click on the “Can’t log in?” link and select what you remember about your profile – “Phone” or “E-mail”.

Then, enter the current phone number and request the verification code (an interactive button on the screen). Your device will receive a numerical combination, which needs to be entered in the appropriate section (the line appears automatically). If the code was not received, click the "Request again" button.

If you select Email, you will receive an email including your profile link. Confirm it (if it really is yours) clicking on the "Yes, it's me" button. After all these actions, you will need to enter a new password, and access will be open. This method is acceptable for any OS/software.

Instructions to get back deleted account

Situations like this occur quite often. The reasons are different for everyone, but there is only one solution. The method is ok for any user. The only warning is before you start the process of recovering you should be sure that more than 180 days passed after the account was deleted:

  • go to the "Registration" tab;
  • enter deleted account phone number;
  • select a country.

The platform will automatically offer you to restore the existing profile. The actions are intuitive, based on strict adherence to the instructions and filling in all pop-up windows with the requested data. A few minutes and access will be recovered. As a rule, you receive the confirmation code.

Note! The method may not work in mobile browser version or in the application. Make sure you choose the correct format. Follow the link to get more detailed information. Also you will find the answers for the majority of the question by that link.

If more than 6 months have passed, the phone number was changed you will have to register again. Unfortunately, all data (messages, friends, feed, etc.) will be lost. There is another way to enter the Odnoklassniki account if you forgot your login, password, no links with the account or it was deleted. We will clarify this way in more details.

Recover the account without the phone or email

The first thing you need to do is go to the "Help" section (lower part of OK page). The new version of the social network also provides the opportunity to "Contact Customer Support Team", where you can get answers to your questions online.

Support team

Next steps:

1. First of all, you will be informed that you need to find an account and to indicate the phone number (without spaces and "-" signs), email or profile ID.

2. If there is no information, try to do it using another account (your friend’s one, maybe) to visit your page (provided that it was not deleted). Your ID will be displayed in the link.


3. Then, indicate valid email for communication.

4. Wait for the Customer Support Team to contact you to be sure that you are the owner of the account.

However, this is not relevant for everyone and takes much time. Click on the button corresponding to your problem in the ‘Help’ section. You will see the list of interesting for you questions/topics in the search line.

How can we help you

You can easily find the answer how to restore the access to Odnoklassniki account regardless of the reason by following the instructions.

But the standard material basis is not always easy to understand. Difficulty written for understanding, lack of both necessary information or timely updates are only the half of the difficulties created by an imperfect dynamic structure.

Often, it is impossible to do smth without the help of technical support if the account is hacked or banned. One of the acute problems is the improved intelligent protection systems that function in many ways irrationally. Therefore, profiles can be banned when the activity is increased, the access is unauthorized and other "suspicious" operations. Only OK Customer Support Team can unban the page.

Useful instructions and recommendations

As it is clear from the article, fast third-party assistance is required in most cases. Especially when we speak about the security of the account. Do not trust dubious bloggers who promise a comprehensive solution with a minimum investment. Take advantage of the Evil-Mart offers and evaluate the real level of professionalism. You can get detailed information on the services by the link on the official website.

Specialized IT experts, web designers, marketers and other professionals will provide full assistance in:

  • targeting;
  • SMM;
  • promotion;
  • advertising strategies;
  • analytics, etc.

They will also provide competent advice on how to open access to lost or non-existent account, how to restore the Odnoklassniki application without losing data and prevent the risks of such situations. They will select the optimal solution for a specific task.

In addition, if your OK account had external integration (linking) with FB, VK, Google account, etc., it will be much easier to restore the access. Evil-Mart specialists can also take care of this, thanks to which you can establish profitable commercial relationships and start your guaranteed successful business.