1. Start promoting a Telegram channel

2. We select donor channels

2.1. Learning to make a selection through a Telegram search

2.2. Going to thematic selections

2.3. Don't use exchanges

3. Content plan

3.1. We compose and publish only catchy posts

4. Links and reposts on social networks

5. Analyze and evaluate an advertising campaign

6. Paid Promotion

6.1. Advertising in other Telegram channels

6.2. Advertising on Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram

7. Free and Most Powerful Techniques

7.1. Informing friends and acquaintances

7.2. Ask to tell friends to friends of friends

7.3. Registration in free catalogs

7.4. Mutual PR in Telegram

7.5. We take an active part in channel selections

7.6. We announce the channel in the emailing list and the signature

7.7. Add interactive to publications

8. Pay attention to errors and summarize

Guide to promote a Telegram channel. Where to start, basic rules of the promotion, original options, useful information

In addition to its direct purpose, Telegram is used for various purposes - generating and pumping traffic, popularizing content, selling ads, etc. A regular messenger makes it possible to earn tens of thousands of dollars if you have only a few thousand subscribers. However, read this article before promoting the Telegram channel or turning it into a profitable marketing tool.

Note! The algorithms of the platform have changed significantly due to the latest updates. And the developers have simply forgotten or did not want to integrate the "Recommendations" function. Therefore, organic growth of the channel practically does not occur.

And this is just one of the nuances. The further information will allow you to analyze all of them, avoid mistakes when promoting your account, study the recommendations of the “Greats”, learn the most effective techniques, and more new about Telegram.

promote a Telegram channel

Start promoting a Telegram channel

So, no matter how active you are, no matter how often and regularly you post materials, the audience will not grow or this process will proceed extremely slowly, almost imperceptibly. Logically, the "artificial" promotion of the Telegram channel is vital for each user.

The main thing is to do everything correctly and consistently.

You should start with three "directions":

  • concept;
  • strategy;
  • planning.

A concept is your unique idea, the goal of which is to attract the masses. Before making content, ask yourself two main questions - "Why do you need this?" and "Would you subscribe to this yourself?" before making content. If you know the answers, go to the next one - how to create a channel in Telegram?

Start promoting a Telegram channel

This process is simple, with just a few steps. You will need:

  • go to Telegram settings on a PC or portable device;

 Telegram settings

  • then select the "Create channel" section and click on it;

Create channel

  • after entering the requested data - "Name", "Description" (optional, but it is better to indicate) and "Create";

 requested data - "Name", "Description", "Create";

  • then indicate the type of profile, enter a link (any combination according to the platform's recommendations) and “Save” or just “Skip”;

indicate the type of profile

  • at the final stage, use the settings of the channel itself;

 use the settings of the channel itself

  • you can enter the necessary adjustments, view subscribers, statistics, and other information in the section "Management ...".


That's all. You can start filling and promoting. However, it is worth backing up right away before promoting the Telegram channel. More and more new subscribers must constantly come to it for a successful existence and development. The most effective way to attract your target audience is to voice your dream. For example, "If you subscribe to me, you will be able to create realistic models of aircraft in 3 months ", "you will master the basics of aeronautics in just six months with me" or "Together we will study space, aeronautics, and rocketry in just a year" etc.

Important! Such statements should be formulated reasonably. It is necessary to set achievable goals since modern users have long been tired of meaningless PR and constant deception. Unless, of course, your goal is to develop on a long-term basis, and not to hit the jackpot in a few months and close the channel. Otherwise, if there is no result, after the time you set, a massive outflow of subscribers will begin.

Useful tips for beginners:

  1. Publish written material in the form of notes or annotations. Information should be succinct, concise, and interesting. Don't write huge texts in the messenger. Better create intrigue. Add links to platforms suitable for the format where the article is posted with continuation and details, for example (LJ, Zen, etc.). It's also a great trick for traffic flow.
  2. Insert videos as links. Telegram has built-in integration with popular platforms (TikTok, YouTube, etc.). So users can play any video in their profile, which is very convenient. It is not necessary to specifically upload videos to Telegram (this is ineffective). If necessary, use short videos (less than a minute).
  3. Don't put your main point in audio format - only text. Voice messages are just an extra piece of content. The best option is “talking pictures”. Such "live" images, according to statistics, are sent 10 times more often than usual ones.
  4. Use the most effective rubrics. For example, TOP, news, interviews, training courses, commenting (expressing one's own opinion, unique), etc.
  5. Use a move such as spraying. That is, touch on not one, but several areas - space, rocketry, aircraft and related IT, sensations, media publications, media, etc.
  6. And also do not forget to post a link to the Telegram channel on all your social networks.

As such, there are no universal techniques. It may seem that the only answer to the question of how to promote a Telegram channel is brainstorming. Not at all. Interesting content is only half the battle. Next, we will analyze the relevant and effective ways to promote.

We select donor channels

Publishing on third-party platforms is one of the most effective solutions for increasing your audience and getting ads integration. It is important to take into account the statistics - on average, the subscription rate is only 0.4-6% out of 1000 views. You must have a lot of experience and a good intuition for the promotion of the Telegram channel to work. And also make preliminary calculations of the average reach of the target audience, hours of impressions in the TOP, and the feed.

Advice - first, select one or two donor channels on which you are guaranteed to find your target audience. Submit your ads offer and financial transaction data immediately. This will make it easier for potential customers to find you and start cooperation.

Learning to make a selection through a Telegram search

It is worth noting that this method is the most painstaking and time-consuming. Please be patient and make good semantics. The process is based on several criteria:

  • determining the direction of the business and collecting phrases (catering, tourism, etc.);
  • allocation of keys - dishes, hotels, attractions, etc .;
  • adding target words - your own, open, advertise, etc .;
  • introduction of prepositions - oh, pro, how, in, and others.

Use all the kinds of queries to find the right channels. The flight of your imagination is not limited.

Going to thematic selections

Author's profiles can be found in Google, Yandex, and others at the request "Telegram channel about ...". The advantage of such a collection is its informativeness. Account-holders are not limited to names and links, posting a lot of useful material. The downside is that even in the current TOP, non-existent accs are often present.

Don't use exchanges

Search engines in the exchanges are primitive and limited in the range of topics. And the issue is not very accurate. This is usually irrelevant information.

Content plan

The plan is a key stage in any activity. Competent planning allows you not to miss the main thing, not to lose your train of thought, and have time to add material on time.

For the most part, it all depends on the activity of the author. Some can add content every 2 hours. Others, once a day or week while gaining more views and subscriptions. Just find the "middle ground" for yourself. The average posting frequency is once every 1-2 days.

Planning can be done using programs or regular tables. Many people use the built-in Telegram Controller Bot software.

Telegram Controller Bot software

The resource is very handy, but first, you need to create your tool. For this:

  • search the @BotFather bot in the Telegram;
  • go to the first chat and click "Start";

search the @BotFather bot

  • then click on ‘’/ newbot’’;

click on ‘’/ newbot’"

  • then, in the search line, enter "New" or another request at your discretion;

enter "New"

  • then @username of the bot (Important! The combination must be unique, don't despair if it doesn't work the first time);
  • in the final, you need to copy the Bot Token and make it as an administrator.

copy the Bot Token

All other actions are by analogy. First, search for @ControllerBot and click run. Then select the language and "Add channel". You will see an instruction on the screen with a sequence of actions. Paste the previously copied Token of the created bot into the message line and "Send".

select the language and "Add channel"

Follow the Telegram prompts, make the Bot as an administrator and you're done. This allows you to track the statistics (subscriptions, conversions, views), manage posts, analyze advertising effectiveness, and much more, as well as automate lead generation, sales funnel, and Telegram support. Just remember to keep records. Add ideas and thoughts "for the future." When the time comes, you can develop them.

Social Media

We compose and publish only catchy posts

The essence of the content is to do everything possible so that channel visitors do not get bored. And, posts must be as catchy as possible for subscribers to become interested in the posted material. Focus on current trends, TOP, take inspiration from competitors, in general, use any options. Publish information that attracts from the first seconds.

The main thing in this business is brevity, uniqueness, and specificity, benefits for the visitor, and emphasis on personal experience. This also applies to advertising. The "reader" must understand that this, relatively speaking, product or service helped you (preferably how exactly), so you decided to advertise them.

Links and reposts on social networks

This method works both ways. Put post announcements, for example, in Title and Description format. Present information succinctly and concisely. It also has to be interesting. Add links for direct navigation. Or insert them into your emailing list. Announcement of posts allows you to reach as many target audiences as possible.

Analyze and evaluate an advertising campaign

When summing up for a certain period, focus on metrics such as the number of subscriptions, the price of each, and the conversion rate from views. All analytics criteria should be taken into account to understand how to promote the Telegram channel more efficiently in the future. The rate of subscriptions from views has already been discussed in this material. There is no point in duplicating information.

It is very easy to calculate the number of subscribers - study the data from personal statistics (we also analyzed how to create and use it). It is not necessary to take the entire period (from the beginning to the end) of the advertising campaign. Make "intermediates" if desired. This will help to realize whether it works or not and whether it is profitable.

The price of subscribers shows how much you have cheapened or, on the contrary, hit the jackpot. Don't look for money. Rational pricing is recommended. Otherwise, you will never get integration. Analyze the offers and posts of TOP bloggers. Output the average value for yourself, based on the popularity of your channel.

Paid Promotion

There is only one effective way - advertising the Telegram channel. But how to do it is up to you. You can advertise your profile on other Telegram channels or social networks. Let's consider both options.

Advertising in other Telegram channels

Integration is purchased on exchanges or from channels' administrators. The priority is to find the right channel. Exchanges, as mentioned earlier, are not the best solution for both compilation and partnership, but they are cheap. This tool is most likely suitable for beginners. One way or another, you still go to the channel admin. Therefore, it is better to search for yourself (see earlier). If you are interested in the offer, the "management" will send you a price list.

Note! The cost of advertising is calculated directly by the administrators. The price of services often reaches the point of absurdity. You will never know how much Telegram advertising costs in reality. Therefore, bargaining is not only possible, but also necessary, and also take into account some of the nuances:

  • audience growth;
  • engagement of subscribers (views);
  • advertising that has already been posted on the channel.

Try to take the time and study the posts, so you can assess the quality of the profile itself.

Attention! Often, channel owners make "clones" to boost indicators. Be vigilant and don't ignore such criteria as the number of views (engagement), so as not to waste your money.

Advertising on Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram

There are three main ad formats - targeted, bought from popular bloggers, or in communities. Low competition and the ability to get a live target audience (by topic) are among the advantages of the methods. Cons - target audience fatigue from integrations. People are increasingly reluctant to move from one social network to another. Therefore, internal advertising is much more effective in modern realities.

Free and Most Powerful Techniques

These are optimal solutions for new channels. Before you get 500-700 subscribers to Telegram, it is recommended to use these particular techniques.


Informing friends and acquaintances

The use of the so-called notebook in various messengers. Simply put - attracting an audience from existing correspondence or contacts. The content of messages can be very diverse. For example, "I have a new Telegram channel", "go and subscribe to my Telegram", etc.

You can do the same actions on social networks. And also announce posts.

Ask to tell friends to friends of friends

Perhaps your interests don't match up with direct contacts, or they are not active enough on your channel. Ask your friends to think about who from their circle might be curious about this topic. This is guaranteed to expand the target audience and give an increase in subscriptions.

Registration in free catalogs

This technique is more suitable for finding each other, that is, for commercial connections (advertisers) or interesting collaborations. Ordinary users do not often use the channel catalog. But you still need to register. It doesn't take long and never gets in the way. In the aggregate, and ultimately, all the means used will give a positive result.

Mutual PR in Telegram

This is one of the most popular modern practices. Bloggers promote each other for free on mutually beneficial enthusiasm, create original collaborations (perhaps for money), offer their services or partnerships. Agree on the exchange of posts and/or subscribers (conditionally, of course). Those. interact not only with the target audience but also with competitors.

We take an active part in channel selections

The most interesting (recommended, trending) posts are published on other Telegram channels or third-party resources. It is incredibly difficult to get into this public. And in order not to wait for "weather from the sea", take the initiative into your own hands. Make your TOP selection and include your channel in it (you can even not on related topics). Post the collected material on free or paid blog sites.

Advice! Invite owners of other channels to participate in the collection. Make announcements and/or post together (on external platforms or Telegram). This will expand the coverage of the target audience for everyone.

Social Media

We announce the channel in the emailing list and the signature

This format will be relevant if you are actively running personal or corporate email newsletters. Brief "notes" with links can be placed in the letter template, footer, in the introduction, in the end, and elsewhere - at your discretion. The main thing is that it should be organic and noticeable. Reception is suitable for PR of partner channels.

Add interactive to publications

The involvement of the public in some events on the channel increases interest. Conduct contests, polls, polls, etc. events. Come up with a symbolic reward or valuable gift for one or more of the most active participants. Such publications are actively re-posted and sent, which leads to an increase in the target audience and reduces the churn of subscribers.

Pay attention to errors and summarize

Telegram is an instant messaging platform that users receive mainly on the phone, and even with sound notifications. On the one hand, this is a plus for communication and feedback. On the other hand, non-unique boring spam is annoying and leads to unsubscribing or blacklisting.

Therefore, you should post only your thoughts and no plagiarizing. The frequency of publication of the material should also be calculated correctly. This should be taken into account before creating a channel in Telegram, so as not to immediately lose it. Think over a strategic plan and don't waste time. After all, it is, as you know, money.


Note! The promotion of a profile on any platform takes a lot of effort and a lot of time. It is simply impossible to cover everything and comprehend the important nuances. When wondering how to promote a Telegram channel quickly, efficiently, and profitably, contact Evil Mart. All details and suggestions can be studied at the link on the official website of the company. Here you will be provided with a range of promotion services and support in case of difficulties in the process of channel management. With a team of competent, creative, and creative professionals, you will be able to achieve success in the shortest possible time with a minimum investment. Just try it once and you are guaranteed to become our regular customer.

The details of the transaction, the cost of services, and the period of the project are discussed individually. It all depends not on the next marketing move, but on the real aspects - the complexity and scale of the work. Applications are accepted online or by phone. You can also offer your services and join the "squad" of advanced experts.