1. Step by step guideline.

1.1. On PC

1.2. On smartphone or tablet (App)

2. What to do in case of the system error?

2.1. Fast password recovery error.

2.2. The request limit number has been exceeded.

3. How to restore the VK account if it was blocked or hacked?

4. How to restore the VK account without the phone and email?

5. How to restore the account deleted from VK?

6. How to link your VK account to a new phone number?

7. Additional recommendations.

Step by step guide to restore your VK account

Modernity offers many options for exchanging information online. Social networks are extremely popular. In particular, VKontakte. It is a multi-million users platform with incredibly extensive functionality. At the same time, it has a number of its own rules and restrictions, violation of which leads to the accounts bans. But not only security systems cause authorization difficulties. Many users become victims of hacking, accidentally deleting accounts, changing devices or operating systems, forgetting the required data.

It is worth noting that the account restore algorithm has been changed after the VK had been updated. Therefore, if you have problems with logging in or errors occur, please, read this article. How to restore access to VK quickly and what to do in case of non-standard situations.

Step by step guideline.

The VK social network is the adaptive platform available on both PC and smartphone (as an App). Registration, regardless of the format, requires indicating contact information for communication (email, phone number) at least, login (full name), and password. Linking increases the security of the account and allows it to be restored many times faster if access is lost. But first things first.


The most common case is the forgotten password or incorrect one. In this case, the VKontakte platform offers a solution. Just click on "Forgot your password or cannot sign in?" and you will see a window asking for the phone number or the email indicated in the process of the registration.

restore your VK account

You should do the followings:

  • enter what you have access to;
  • click "Next";
  • confirm you are not a robot";
  • enter the last name indicated in the process registration;
  • if your page is displayed, click on the "Confirm" button.


A new request will be on the screen - "Do you have devices on which you are logged in to the account? It means the account activity on another "device". If you have logged in on your phone using autosave successfully, but you have forgotten the password, and you need to open the profile on your PC (reinstalling the OS, full cleaning, for example) the data can be synchronized conditionally (or vice versa). Press "Yes" and receive a message with a code to the device where VK is open (in the messenger). The password will not be requested after the code is entered. Login is automatic.

If there is no activity on the device, the confirmation code will be sent to the indicated phone number. Or the link will be sent to your email.

Important! In order to improve security, they call you at the phone number. The access code is the last 4 digits of the number. The call lasts a couple of seconds. Therefore, if you did not hear it or did not notice it, just look at the "missed calls" on your device.

Send code

You can also request a code via SMS. This section is on the same page under the main "Send ...". Then, all that remains is to enter a new password and access to the account will open. This can be done (changed) in the general profile settings.

Note! If the phone number and e-mail were linked to the account, the code will be sent both. Email is preferable. If there is no access to it, you will have to take a photo with a passport, indicate all the information you know in the App and send it for consideration to VK support. The code will be sent to the phone number only after the verification. And you can restore access to the page.

On smartphone or tablet (App)

The actions is almost the same like on PC. It does matter if you have Android or iOS.

You will need:

  • open VK on your phone or tablet;
  • if your Facebook account is linked to VK one, just log in this way;
  • if not, click on the question icon "?" next to the "Password" column;
  • enter a valid phone number or email;
  • then everything like on PC - you will get the link.

sign in

The window to update the password appears after the call and the confirmation.

Restore password

What to do in case of the system error?

The security system has been upgraded in a new version of VK. As can be seen from the above, it is much more difficult to bypass the security now.

So, if you get any errors like:

  • to apply to the page is not possible;
  • unavailable for this user;
  • fast password recovery is not available;
  • the requests limit number has been exceeded.

We'll have to consider each one separately. It is only worth noting that the first two errors are because of incorrect information - incorrect phone number, email, link to the page, etc. You should check all the data you indicated and try again. Or restore the access step by step from the beginning as we specified it before.

Fast password recovery error.

Several options but two solutions only. This means the page has two-factor authentication installed regardless of the error code. This, of course, improves security, but creates additional problems to recover the password.

The first way - basic conditions:

  1. You have 5 friends who are ready to become “guarantors”. They will get 6-digit codes that need to be entered in a special form/field. You can see on the screen how many successful actions are and how many are left.
  2. The phone number specified in the process of the registration has been saved and it is active.
  3. You know the "page surname".
  4. The profile is not blocked by the security service.

The second way is to contact the Technical support. Describe the problem in details and follow the instructions.

The request limit number has been exceeded.

If you can access the page from another device, check the different ways to sign in and recover the password. Check your PC if no problems are in this case. Restart the devices and log in to VK 24 hours later (not earlier). Contact the support if the error is not gone.

How to restore the VK account if it was blocked or hacked?

Important! The page may be denied if the device has a virus. Do not respond to a payment request during the authorization, personal data, and the like. An antivirus can help you in some cases.

If the profile is blocked by moderators (for real or imaginary violations), you will see the reason and the timing of the restriction of access, and also a link with instructions how to act in this situation and avoid it in the future. You won't be able to restore access earlier! This is an axiom!

You can unlock "Freeze" by yourself. As a rule, the system has detected your account suspicious actions (may be increased activity - artificial cheat). You will be asked to confirm the data (phone number, email, etc.). Just follow the instructions and access can be open within an hour.

All the other problems, including hacking, are solved exclusively by the technical support.

How to restore the VK account without the phone and email?

If you do not remember them, click on the appropriate "link". The platform will ask different questions to find the account and verify you are the owner of the page. The first window offers "I do not remember this data or it is not available". The second one is "I can't remember the page address". By the way, you can easily find it out by asking relatives or friends. If the link is received, everything will be much easier. It is necessary to enter the valid phone number (old number and password, if possible).

Next, submit an application. Access will open after reviewing it. The VK technical support will inform you about the solution and provide you with the login information.

If there is no way to find out the link, click "I can't ..." and you will be redirected to the general internal search "People". Find your page. You can enter any information or its part. Be sure to specify the search info you know. This will help you to find what you need faster.

 search "People"

Next, a window with three options will appear:

  • "enter an available (valid) phone number";
  • "password" (any of used ones earlier);
  • "old phone number" (optional).

If the numbers match, copy them.

Indicate all data you remember

If the information is correct, everything will be restored.

Everything looks different a little on the Android phone and the iPhone.

Incorect login or password

You should click on the "Access restoration form" (blue marker). A window opens with your profile and a notification. The main point is "Access will be restored only if the page has your photo." It means the profile may not be restored if no your photos are!

The following steps:

  • enter the valid phone number (it may be the phone number different from specified in the process of the registration);
  • click "send";
  • you will see the message about the password reset;
  • choose "I don't remember...";


  • a timer window will open;
  • take a selfie within 3 minutes, also the sheet of paper with indicated phrase/word should be on the photo (as in the example);
  • click "Select file";
  • add the photo and send it (checkmark in the upper right corner);
  • the new page will appear (without the timer). It will request to take a picture of the identity document (passport, birth certificate, student, military ID, etc.);
  • instructions are indicated;
  • other steps are the same.

Indicate all the information you know about the page and apply (an interactive button below) at the final stage. You will get the SMS notification to the specified phone number.

Important! Your full name will be changed to the specified in the official document one after the application approval automatically.

If there is no info at all, contact technical support. As a rule, users create new accounts because it is almost impossible to restore the account without the phone number and email.

How to restore the account deleted from VK?

Important! You have 210 days to restore the account. All the data will be deleted after this.

You must enter your username and password to access the profile. The system will ask for the restore confirmation automatically. Just follow the link (blue marker) and follow the instructions. As a rule, a couple of clicks is enough.

If the page is deleted and you forgot your password, you need to restore it first. If you know no phone number and no email, you definitely have to contact the technical support to get back the deleted page.

Sometimes all the data of the device is saved automatically. Therefore, you do not have to remember logins and passwords. If the direct recovery page opens, just click on the appropriate fields (any).

How to restore the account deleted from VK?

How to link your VK account to a new phone number?

The first way is to restore/confirm you are the owner of the account.

The second way is to use the settings:

  • click on the arrow next to the profile icon;
  • go to the appropriate section;
  • find the phone number and click "to change".

Settings VK

You will see the form to enter the old and new numbers. If you don't have access to the previous one, click "Here".

After that, you need to enter the SMS code and confirm the actions by the link received by the email. You will get the notification the number is changed in VK. It will take from 7 to 14 days.

Additional recommendations.

If the phone number is not linked to the account, no access to the email, you need to restore the page or other problems, it is quite difficult to meet the challenge on your own. It takes a lot of time and effort. If you want to speed up the process and avoid stress, contact Evil-Mart. You will be provided with answers to all your questions regarding activities on the Internet.

The best solution is to use the services of professionals who will find a way out of any non-standard situation. The quality of the result and the loyalty are guaranteed.