Guide for Executors

How a freelancer can find work on the Evil-mart platform

Evil-mart is the first freelance platform for SMM professionals. We strive to create a comfortable and safe space for customers and SMM service providers to work together.

How do things work here?

The platform works like this:

  • executors post the services they can provide: you can add a description of the service, price, and portfolio.
  • customers choose from the proposals the most relevant to their goals and objectives and then contact the selected Executors to discuss the terms of cooperation

Once every freelancer asks himself: how best to make a portfolio, is it required to create his own website or not, and what way of presenting services and prices will look more professional and reliable in the customer's eyes?

We suggest using an Evil-mart account as an alternative to a business card site or Taplink profile. It will gather all the necessary information about what you offer: a list of services with a description and prices, and your portfolio. Just fill out your profile, and place the link to it in your social media and messengers.

Why it is more convenient to manage projects on the platform than in the messengers

There is a chat on the Evil-mart platform to communicate with the customer. You no longer need to look for parts of the correspondence in messenger chats or in email, as it happens when the customer comes from Facebook, sends part of the project documents to the email, and then offers to go to Telegram or WhatsApp. Now all communication will be in one place.

You can enable notifications with one click in your account settings. As soon as the customer sends a new message, you will receive an instant notification in Telegram and/or email (depending on the settings). So you definitely won't miss anything.

Chat on the platform is a safe place where you can negotiate a deal and not be afraid the client disappears and does not pay for the work. We will free you of the question to the client “when will you pay me?”. And you will have no need to remind him about it.

The customer can contact you using the catalog of services on the website. All your services go there automatically after you sign up and create an account on Evil-mart. If you leave a link to your profile in social media or professional chats, where you usually communicate and talk about yourself, the customer will be able to follow it, explore your services, and contact you by chat.

We guarantee your work to be paid and are ready to help resolve the controversial situation.

Important: we can help only if you communicate with the client in the platform chat.

Registration on the platform is free. No service fees or other hidden ones

Why is that?

The Evil-mart platform was launched in November 2021. Now our main goal is to make it comfortable and safe for customers and SMM service providers. Therefore, we invite you to test and improve all the functions of the platform together with us. No hidden fees, commissions, or other hassles.

The only fee you will need to pay is the payment system's one.

E.g, when a customer deposits a platform wallet for 500 RUB, the fee can be 20 RUB. Its amount depends on the chosen payment system. Executors pay only the fee set by the Bank card Issuer (the Bank which issued the card).

We work with Visa cards and such systems as Perfect Money, QIWI, YooMoney, and Advcash. We also accept payment in Bitcoin. If you know a reliable payment system with a lower commission, contact us at [email protected].

All you need is to create an account and add information to your profile about yourself and the services you provide.

How to register an executor's profile on the Evil-mart platform

Step 1. Go to the main page and click on the "Login" button in the upper right corner and select "Sign up"

Step 2. Enter your email, the name you want to use on the website (login), and the password

Step 3. Be sure to confirm the registration - a letter will be sent to the entered email. Check all folders: "Promotions", "Alerts", "Spam"

Step 4. Click on the avatar, and go to the "Add a service" tab

Step 5. Fill out the form and add a service the customer can contact you. If there are several services you provide, fill out the form one more time (1 service - 1 form). Next, specify: the name, category (social media in which you work), and type of service

The cost of the work, the time it takes (in days or hours), and describe the service. Optionally, add a photo and a link to your portfolio.

Important: the portfolio tab may work incorrectly. Right now we are fixing this section and recommend NOT adding files to a portfolio. As soon as the section is updated, we will let you know and you can easily update your profile, and add examples of work. If you have any additional questions, please contact our support at [email protected]

Step 6. Set up a text template, which will be sent to the customer when he visits your service page

Step 7. So that you can answer the most popular questions with one click, you can prepare the answers in advance

Step 8. After the form is filled out, the service will be moderated and reviewed during business hours (9.00 to 23.00 Moscow time) - within two hours

Step 9. You can check the status of the service on the "Service Management" tab

Step 10. After the moderation is completed, your service will be included in the "Catalogue" and will be available to customers. You can find it by keywords in the "Search" line

Step 11. The customer will go to your service page and a chat will open, the text message template you specified in step 6 will appear. You can discuss the details in the chat.

As soon as the prepayment from the customer is made, you can start working. Click on the icon with a question mark in the "Order Information" column to see the stage of your agreements. After you complete the work, and the customer accepts it, payment will be transferred to your account. You can withdraw the money to the card through the payment systems of the platform

Step 12. In order to get notifications to Telegram from the platform, go to "Settings" on the "My Profile" tab. Click "Enable" in the "Notifications in Telegram". Then you will automatically go to the official bot, and click on "start"

Then return to "Settings" and check the notifications boxes you want to receive in Telegram. So you will be able to respond to messages and activity in your account quickly. Notifications in Telegram are not obligatory because they will be sent to the platform and to your email

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In Telegram, you can participate in discussions and thereby change both our platform (we take into account all the feedback, and talk about improvements publicly) and the SMM services market.